Integrating Google Forms with Flexie CRM

Integrating Google Forms with Flexie CRM

This article discusses the Google Forms integration with Flexie CRM and how you can set it up within your Flexie account.

The ability to connect with other apps directly is critical to cost reduction and long term stability. By connecting directly you can decrease reliance on third party tools like Zapier. Additionally, having less 'moving parts' decreases the amount of things that can possibly go wrong.

You may wish to use Google Forms for:

  • Lead Generation
  • Event Registration
  • Customer Feedback
  • So much more…

Using Flexie CRM's Workflows, you set up a 'Listener' that checks a Dynamic Endpoint for payload delivery from the Forms application.

This article on the Flexie website lays out the specific details you need to complete this, and the code you need to connect the two applications.

fleixie CRM with google forms
Google Forms Integration Instructions

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