Flexie - So Much More Than A CRM

Flexie – So Much More Than A CRM

The majority of CRM solution's are about customer acquisition.

You get a lead, nurture the lead through a deal sequence, and hopefully close the deal and end up with a sale at the end of it.

And that is where most CRM's stop. From there any aspect of fulfilment or service provision or customer service has to be taken elsewhere. They are built for sales, and not much more.

Not Flexie.

Though Flexie CRM manages acquisition better than anyone thanks to it's site tracking, integrations (Zapier and Webhooks), pop ups, Facebook bot and advanced actions, that is only the beginning.

Flexie CRM has been designed from the ground up to be the central command centre for your entire business. Acquisition of new customer is an extremely important part of your business. Your business would not survive without it. Nor would your business survive if you have no integrated, co-ordinated means of fulfilling your obligations to your customers post-sale. Flexie set's itself apart in it's ability to stay relevant to you post-sale.

You can program it with tasks that notify people what to do, and subsequent tasks that are triggered when other tasks are complete. You can notify the production/fulfilment manager when an allocated task has not been completed in the expected time so they can follow up and see what is going on.

You can integrate externally with a shipping service, or directly to your warehouse supply division with order notes, and delivery details. Whether your business deals with physical goods, services, or in the digital realm, Flexie can take care of it all.

Get in touch if you want to know how Flexie CRM might be relevant to your business, we'd love to get on a strategy call with you.

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