Flexie CRM Zapier Integration Explained

Flexie CRM Zapier Integration Explained

The new Zapier integration with Flexie CRM opens up integration possibilities between Flexie and literally thousands of other apps. This article explores these possibilities in greater detail.

Having your different applications talk to each other is vital to efficient business operation. Through the magic of API's (Application Program Interface), different programs can talk share information with each other without compromising security. However, navigating and configuring API's takes a significant amount of programming knowledge. Zapier has become extremely popular due to it's ability to be this 'bridge' between different applications, without requiring programming knowledge.

Zapier provides integration possibilities with thousands of other applications.

What kind of integrations are available?

The thousand of integration possibilites come in too many calssifications to mention. But some big categories of applications you may wish to intgrate with include:

  • Payment processors
  • Accounting sofware
  • Webinar platforms
  • Calender/scheduling services
  • Shipping/fulfillment services
  • Developer tools
  • Reporting tools/spreadsheets
  • Facebook Ad platform
  • And many many more…

Some common uses for Zapier include things like:

  • Sending orders to your shipping/fulfilment service from your shopping cart
  • Adding leads to you CRM from you lead generating software (e.g. LeadPages)
  • Enrolling people on your online course following a purchase or opt-in
  • Sending financial data to your accounting system following a transaction
  • Sending transaction data to a google sheet for archival/storage purposes
  • Taking google forms submissions and sending them to a variety of other apps
  • And so many more….

Creating a connection through Zapier is called a 'Zap', and a Zap can have two steps, or multiple steps. Many zaps are simply 'if X happens, then do Y'. But there are many reasons for a multi step Zap.

For example, a single purchase of an online course could:

  1. Add a new user to your CRM
  2. Process enrolment of the new user on the course platform
  3. Send the data to a google sheet and accounting system
  4. Trigger a dispatch from your fulfilment centre of any physical goods included with the course purchase.

An application within Zapier can serve two different purposes. Either a 'Trigger' or an 'Action'. A trigger is what Zapiers listens our for (e.g. new shopping cart purchase), and an 'action' is what Zapier does once the trigger is activated (e.g. process enrolment of new learner).

Some apps only provide triggers, some apps only provide actions. In the case of Flexie CRM, both triggers and actions are supported. Flexie CRM users are spoilt for choice in both trigger and action possibilities.

At the time of writing, the below triggers where available:

  • New Custom Entity
  • New Lead
  • New Contact
  • New Deal
  • New Account
  • Update Custom Entity
  • Update Lead
  • Update Contact
  • Update Deal
  • Update Account
flexie crm zapier triggers
Flexie CRM Trigger lists inside Zapier.

In addition, at the time of writing there are over fifteen possible Zapier actions. The actions centre around the ability to create update/find data relating to leads, contacts, deals, accounts and custom entities.

flexie crm zapier actions
List of Flexie CRM actions inside Zapier.

With these options to ability to both update your Flexie data from other sources, and stimulate actions within other apps from your Flexie account is truly amazing. And knowing the developers behind Flexie, more will be added in the near future.

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