NEW UPDATE - Flexie CRM 'Guess Email Tool'

NEW UPDATE – Flexie CRM ‘Guess Email Tool’

If you are doing cold outreach, one of the main challenges you face is finding your prospects email address. That just got a lot easier thanks to Flexie’s new Guess Email Tool.

Flexie CRM's 'Guess Email Tool' for Cold Email Outreach

In line with their reputation for rapid feature developed, Flexie CRM has just released the ‘Guess Email Tool’. As the name suggests, the tool helps you find the email address of someone you want to contact. Do do this you will need their name, and the company they work with.

Additionally it also helps you validate an email address if you already have one, and see if it is valid . Check out the video below.

The Guess Email Tool is not 100% reliable in that it cannot find any email you want. But it is impressive for its initial release, and another great feature. A tool like this would cost you an additional monthly fee, or even be a stand alone Saas product somewhere else.

Finding emails addresses of potential prospects has never ben easier with Flexie CRM’s new Guess Email Tool.

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