Five Top Features of Flexie CRM

Five Top Features of Flexie CRM

Flexie CRM has so many features, it was hard to pick just ten to write about. But in this article I have selected five of my favourite features and given a brief description of each one. Features are not listed in any particular order.

1. Dynamic PDF Documents

One of the more recent but exciting releases from Flexie CRM has been the addition of their PDF engine. This provides for all the functionality of WebMerge but included in your Flexie account (high tier plan). This engine means you can create dynamic pdf documents and have them automatically sent to your customer, or just stored on file. Great for quotes, invoices, certificates and more.

flexie crm dynamic pdf generator
Dynamic PDF Document Creation.

2. Facebook Bot

Still in the process of rolling out is the Facebook integration and bot creator. This is another feature that makes other Saas products redundant (e.g. ManyChat). You will be able to trigger bots based on a whole host of on site behaviour, with deep connection to your existing customer data. More content will be released on this feature very soon! You can see it in action and even interact with it on the Flexie website directly (check bottom right hand corner!).

3. Site Tracking

We covered off on site tracking in our previous article, but we thought it was worth mentioning again. This allows you to run automatic and trigger actions based on someones behavior on your website. Site activity is logged for future use, and can contribute to lead scoring processes. It helps you present the right information to the right prospect at the right time, maximizing the chance of a sale.

4. Multiple SMTP

Flexie CRM allows you the ability to add multiple email SMTP services to your account (AmazonSES, SendGrid, SendInBlue). The benefit of this is that you can use one service for your transactional emails (notifications, receipts, quotes), and another for any more speculative outreach efforts. It is good to be able to keep these servers seperate as there is a higher chance that your ‘outreach’ emails may be blacklisted, or marked as spam by the recipient, which can damage the reputation of your domain and email address in terms of email deliverability. By keeping them seperate you ensure that all of your transactional emails maintain their deliverability, and wont be damaged by your other marketing activities.

5. Push Content

Again, another feature that can completely eliminate the need for a seperate Saas product. The push content feature allows you to trigger a dynamic pop up based on website activity. This may be to start a relationship with a new prospect, or deepen your relationship with an existing prospect. Based on data from the site tracking feature, this feature alone can contribute to exponential business growth.

There are so many more features that we could not fit in to this article, so will save those for future articles.

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